what you need to know about assessments?

Planning for a cloud migration is not as easy as swapping one on-premises server for one in the cloud. The cloud is a cost-effective solution if you size and leverage your cloud environment accurately and efficiently.

XContent has established key assessment strategies to assist our customers in maximising effectiveness, gains and upside in their cloud journey from start to finish.

The Assessments offered by XContent are just the first step in the journey.

The results from the assessments are used as the baseline and source for our wide range of professional and managed services we utilise in moving our customers to a future proof platform.

Types of Assessments offered:

Workplace Modernisation Assessment
Cyber Security Assessment
Infrastructure Optimisation Assessment
SAP on Azure Assessment

Assessment Programs

Through our assessment programs customer gain insights on:

• What the current IT Landscape looks like;

• What the current infrastructure capacity is and how is it utilised;

• What a typical business cycle looks like in IT terms;

• Which systems and processes are driving consumption;

• Where the current security threats lie.

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Movere is a discovery solution that provides the data and insights needed to plan cloud migrations. Movere accurately presents the entire IT environments within a single day.

Movere capabilities includes:

• Cloud readiness
Office 365 administration
• Azure sizing
• Security
• SQL optimization
• Actual Resource Consumption and more


Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT)

A software product developed by experienced security experts to quickly assess the current status of your organisations security and recommend improvements based on facts.
CSAT capabilities includes:

• Defining your Cyber Security Roadmap.
• Provides insight into the ‘Technology Gap’.
• Recommends action and attention on identified areas.