QUAZURE – An evolution in Business

Are you considering moving your SAP environment into Azure? Quazure brings together a Partner to Partner motion with the best of Microsoft Azure and SAP S4/Hana.

XContent, has deep Microsoft Azure skills and Seidor Westrocon has vast SAP skills and implementation experience. Together we enable SAP customers to transition their on-premises ERP and S4/Hana infrastructures to Microsoft Azure. This supports the global preferred cloud partnership between SAP and Microsoft, following the recent Embrace initiative. Together our unique Quazure offering allows customers to benefit from innovative SAP solutions on Azure. In particular, we provide Price and Scope security with our SAP qualified MOVE solutions.

We provide our clients with a modernised cloud infrastructure to power SAP applications which benefit from flexibility, cost efficiency, security, scalability and improved performance.

Microsoft Azure has the largest datacentre footprint around and deploying to regions and zones that match our customer’s data sovereignty boundaries is critical with systems that store data like SAP. Azure secures critical SAP workloads with built-in backup and data recovery, with high availability resiliency and business continuity to ensure they are always accessible.

We provide SAP on Azure Assessments to inform our clients digital transformation journey and help build unique roadmaps to best fit their cloud adoption strategy and SAP system requirements. Our solution offering provides Azure-native tools to support and accelerate innovation through simplified workflows, advanced analytics, AI, development, testing, security, governance and so much more.

The Quazure partnership provides extensive capabilities in consulting, solutions architecture, hosting and managed services, to develop the right solution for our customers. Our Quazure offering provides installations, migrations, upgrades of SAP S4/HANA and all other SAP solutions, as well as 24/7 support for customers nationwide.


  • I am not against reimplementing or I am forced / decided to reimplement
  • I have business projects that will transform my organization and require new applications.
  • I have digitization initiatives underway or want to undertake them in the short term
  • I want to discover the advantages that SAP S/4HANA brings to my business
  • I am interested in learning more about the options of bringing my infrastructure to the Cloud and outsourcing the management of applications and technology.
  • I’m going to convert
  • I want to know the impact in my business processes
  • I want to have an effort estimation
  • I need a realistic roadmap.
  • 2 options: 
    Analysis | Draft Conversion: in addition to the analysis, it includes an initial test cycle with FI postprocessing

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