what you need to know about xcFrontier

XC Frontier is our unique and innovative approach to remote application deployment and centralised support. Access work with the Microsoft Office Suite and other applications with minimal data usage accomplished by user device receiving screen updates. Increasing security and productivity. Compatible on any Windows device – mobile phone, tablet or laptop.​

why xc frontier?

have problems with

• Employees located in remote areas

• Limited access to relevant tools

• Bandwidth costs

• Limited connectivity

• Compromised data

XCFrontier Supports

• Microsoft

• Linux

• Licensed Application Access

• Open Source and Closed Source application

Time to realise

• Cost savings

• Minimal bandwidth usage

• Always on security

• Increased work performance

• Easy integration

Security Mechanisms

• Identity and Access Management

• Encryption


• Dual Layer Authentication

• Centralised data access

• Complete Audit Trail of Data Access (all registered/logged on users)

cost savings

Cost Reduction

Minimal data usage through just screen updates to user device. Focused on the application not the desktop


Increased security

Enhances security and information protection as data is not stored on the device. All processing in the cloud


Improved Productivity

Works independent of user device. Enables mobility – working from anywhere, delivering results

XCFrontier –unique application cloud technology – your best work from anywhere, anytime.

Cost Savings

• Data usage decreases
• Approximately 1/10th less usage per average corporate company usage
• Saving time and money = business agility


Uptime and improved work performance

Up-time and improved work performance

• Easy and fast employee access to tools/systems
• Approximately 20% work productivity
• Access and up-time = business speed

Security built right in

Security built right in

• Data and company information is safe due to restricted saving capability
• See a decrease in security breaches/alerts
• Secure environment –business agility