XC LMS delivers a modern, cloud based,
secure learning experience.

XC LMS is a training solution that’s different. Seamless integration. Customised for you. Deliver training anytime, anywhere and on any device through Office 365 and SharePoint. Accessible through all mobile platforms. Eliminate complexity by making learning accessible within your existing platform!

• Seamlessly integrated
• Easier to use
• Faster to deploy
• Highly customisable

It’s simple – with LMS365 you will get the best learning platform in the Market!

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Works the way your business works

Flex your workforce to be more agile, quicker to react and more effective.
Deliver training in context, anytime, anywhere and on any device within the familiar Office 365 and SharePoint environment. Accessible through all mobile platforms (Windows, IOS & Android).

Add the collaborative element

Make learning easier and more social with the XC LMS and LMS365 integration for Microsoft Teams. Find, take, and track your training without leaving the platform. Integrate your learning activities by adding relevant training to your custom channels based on work streams or topics.
Add a dashboard, course, or training plan in your Teams channel.

Put learning on autopilot

Use Office 365 tools to create courses for any user group or role. Create course catalogs with one-click enrollment.
Remind learners of training to be completed
View progress reports and statistics by individual or course.

add the collaborative element

LMS365 blends into the business productivity and social functions already connecting and enabling your workforce.
Create and manage course material with Office 365 and SharePoint.
Enable training across different devices
Uses Outlook email and calendaring to schedule and facilitate training.

Makes learning management easy

LMS365’s intuitive features make it easy to respond to any training need without programming,
system integration, unwanted complexity, or technology overkill.

Features of LMS365:

• Course Creator & Catalog
• Learning Path
• SCORM Player
• My Learning
• Assignment Manager with Grade Book
• Administration & Reporting

Collaborate and learn inside Teams

Microsoft Teams is the newest collaboration tool which fits perfectly into the modern digital workplace. The platform allows you to seamlessly integrate your most valuable tools to ensure the best hub for teamwork. The LMS365 integration for Microsoft Teams enables learners to find, take and track their training directly inside the Microsoft Teams platform. You also have the opportunity to use our intelligent LMS365 BOT to help you find just the training you’re looking for.

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Online training on all mobile devices

Learn whenever, wherever! Accommodate the needs of the learner in the Modern Digital Workplace with the LMS365 app. Accessing learning activities has never been more convenient with the intuitive LMS365 app. Visit your App Store now

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Empower Productive Learning with
Microsoft Viva & LMS365

“The LMS is really where critical things like compliance and professional development  happens. We do not, absolutely, mean to replace the LMS. We are not going to be in a position to have the same level of specificity that an LMS can offer. Microsoft Viva interacts and interoperates with the LMS to give people the ability to view and search their entire learning catalog right within Teams.”

– Alessandro Giacobbe, Microsoft General Manager of Enterprise Corporate Learning

Empower Productive Learning with Microsoft Viva & LMS365

Microsoft Viva is here to help reimagine the employee experience in the digital era of hybrid workspaces.

The Microsoft Viva platform is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that brings together modern technologies to centralize an organization’s knowledge sharing, employee learning, company insights, and team communications in one integrated employee experience.

As an extensible platform, Microsoft Viva can easily expand with each clients’ ecosystem of partners, while connecting to existing toolsets such as systems for HR, CM and Learning Management (LMS).

Alone, Microsoft Viva is not a replacement for a dedicated LMS. However, when paired with such a platform—like LMS365—an organization’s employee learning is supersized, bringing enhanced productivity and engagement to hybrid learning environments.

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pairing viva with lms 365