XCNimbus is a Cloud Management

In the modern world of cloud services and platforms it can fast become a daunting task to fully understand what is happening in your cloud estate. Current cloud platforms do have native tools but it takes a great deal of time and effort to get the full picture. This includes your costs and where they are, how you can optimise your security, and most importantly, how you stay compliant.

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This space is where a Cloud
Management Portal sits,

right in the heart of your Cloud Platform. For most organisations, managing their cloud estate is often a hit-and-miss affair. In most cases organisations want to optimise and reduce the cost of their cloud estate but then lack the proper governance when it comes to compliance and security.

So, what is a Cloud Management Platform?

Simply put, a CMP is a piece of software which can report and manage a multi-cloud platform or environment. The more cloud services a customer consumes, the more complex the need to manage these resources becomes which is why a CMP is a great way to go about it.

Every organisation currently using cloud services should be considering a CMP to address the issues and management of their cloud infrastructure.

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Why a CMP?

While an organisation’s cloud infrastructure might currently be running optimally, as time progresses, it will become quite a bit more complicated. The number one complaint is normally the requirement of an organisation to reduce the complexity in their cloud estate.

For this to happen, it requires a clear path to automation in order to reduce the workload on the IT resources.


XCNimbus Overview

The XCNimbus Sponsored Engagement is aimed at helping you gain insights and visibility into your current cloud adoption state in addition to the workloads in your current subscriptions.

The Sponsored Engagement will build a backlog of tasks and activities for work, based on best practice standards for remedial activities. Your business relies on workloads that are deployed for maximum performance and resilience. It is therefore in the best interest of any business to ensure that these vital services are running in an
environment which maximizes their performance and security in order to support demanding SLAs.