How it Works

To promote growth, your business needs to gain valuable insight. Ask yourself questions like, “Are our processes working? How secure is our IT infrastructure? And, do we meet requirements of the data privacy legislation?” Axelerate360 can provide you with the best possible advice and consultancy to address these concerns. We offer a range of solutions, from Business Analysts who can drill down into your business, to guidance on the right approach.

Using technology can also greatly benefit your business. Rather than relying on old, cumbersome methods, we can help you incorporate a more streamlined approach, such as a digitally transformed meeting room environment or a singular business card that is NFC enabled and linked to your Azure Active Directory, eliminating the need for printing cards.

Our smart technology can help you optimise working conditions, no matter what industry you are in. And with everything wrapped up in a single pane of glass, you can get actionable insights to maximize your spend. This is the future of business with Axelerate360.

Why choose Axelerate360?

From smart buildings and meeting rooms to advice and consultancy to grow your business, it is an easy decision to choose Axelerate360.

Business Analysis

Gain greater understanding easily

Business Analysis as a Service (BaaS) can help companies optimise their processes, enhance IT security, ensure governance, and achieve accurate outputs. By providing comprehensive analysis and specialised expertise, BaaS can identify areas for improvement, recommend solutions to mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and offer valuable insights for informed decision-making.

With its flexible and scalable approach, BaaS can be tailored to the specific needs of each company, making it a highly effective solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

The E-Kard Revolution is here!

Never print cards again! Adopt a fresh and digital approach to business cards by utilising a singular metallic card linked to your Azure Active Directory. Easily update details on the card and reduce your printing cost to company with E-Kards.

e-cards by xcontent

Smart Rooms and Buildings

Let Technology work for your business

Consider your meeting spaces transformed into leading edge technology hubs which offer both an advanced meeting area as well as providing you with data driven insight into usage, attendance, air quality, and ‘free-busy’ state.

Why stop at a meeting room, when you can do the same for your entire building or home? With a smart technology front end combined with an easy-to-understand backend, you can transform the way your business runs and gain valuable insight to help future proof your company and all from a single pane of glass on our Axelerate360 platform.