What is Maximise?

Grounded in the Microsoft Catalyst Framework, our MAXIMISE offering will give you insight into your digital transformation journey and help you identify the digital technologies to invest in.

  • A vision-driven and design-led digital transformation process
  • Validate the business value (ROI) of possible new technology investments
  • Solution demonstrations to empower your decision-making process
  • Roadmap, blueprint, and action plan to transform your business
Envisioning Workshops to help your organization

A workshop-type engagement where XContent engages your business to:

business value iceberg
A comprehensive Business Value Assessment (BVA) will provide your business with:
Solution Demonstrations

Solution demonstrations will be prepared with your project team to showcase the proposed technical solutions. These will provide support and further clarity to your business.

Transformation plan to achieve your vision

This final transformation stage enables your organization to move from envisioning to execution. You will receive the necessary artifacts and support to.